Our Products

EGEAY Machine stone crushers and grinders have been used in complete facilities for years

Most important factor of our crushing machines is their low cost of operating and their longevity. EGEAY Machinery, provides a satisfactory customer service with fast and short time solutions without discriminating between domestic and international customers. By choosing us again and again our customers is the sole proof of our service. Call us, and let us make the best machines for your needs and capacity with our vast experience.

Working Principle

Ball Bearing mill, is one of the most suited and efficient machinery for acquiring micron sized products. Ball bearing mills are preferred to acquire products generally under 150 microns. It can be used for grinding wide variety of minerals and other materials. Mostly used in building materials and chemical industry.

Impact and friction forces occur in the mill while the rotation of the mill body. Ball Bearings transmit these forces with their pinpoint surfaces. With this system a distribution of crushing and grinding force inside the mill occurs. Feed grain size, product grain size, mill speed, ball size are some of the factors affecting the magnitude of these forces.

Machine is designed for crushing very hard materials and turning them into small dust particles. Machine capacity can vary depending on the hardness and size of the material.


Ball bearings according to their size are montaged upon chassis or concrete.

  1. Working parts are protected against external factors.
  2. Easy replacement of internal lining parts.
  3. Oiling is done by automatic oiling system
  4. It has an electric-automation panel.
  5. Mills are designed depending on wet or dry crushing