Our Products

EGEAY Machinery manufactures long-lasting and high quality vertical and horizontal conveying systems in accordance with the process and facility conditions to be operated.

EGEAY Machinery Vertical and Horizontal conveying systems are designed by taking into account the maintenance and usage purposes and plant efficiency in operating conditions thanks to our customer-oriented vision.

  • Bucket elevator (5-500 tonnes/hour capacity)
  • - Chain Type
  • - Banded Type
  • Belt and roller conveyor
  • Spiral Conveyor
  • Denver Conveyor

Bucket Elevator

Belt and chain type bucket conveyors, which may be required for heavy conditions, are delivered in a very short time and on-site assembly in the desired capacity and dimensions.

Bucket elevators, which seem simple but are one of the most important and continuously working equipment of the enterprises, have been developed step by step by EGEAY Machinery with years of experience. In this way, elevator will be forgotten in your business.

Our elevators, which are used for the transfer of powdered products in the vertical direction, are manufactured within the framework of high quality standards with suitable materials according to the place of use and suitable design according to the required capacity.


Spiral Conveyor with spiral blades is used in transfer of materials in powder form in a straight line with the spiral movements.

EGEAY Machinery manufactures augers in Ø114mm, Ø140mm, Ø165mm, Ø220mm, Ø270mm, Ø300mm and Ø380mm diameters as standard.

Apart from manufacturing standard spiral diameters if needed we can manufacture if needed we can manufacture spirals in different diameters in requested diameters. With flexible manufacturing and engineering we are proud to be able to fulfil your every need for product transfer with spiral.

Belt conveyor

Bagged products are used for transfer of the powder, particles or lumpy products along a line. We manufacture a wide range of conveyors that may be required for sensitive and heavy conditions.

Conveyors which seem simple but are one of the most important and continuously working equipment of the enterprises, have been developed step by step by EGEAY Machinery with years of experience. In this way conveyors will be forgotten.

Densconveyor (Pneumatic Conveying System)

With the experience we have gained in pneumatic conveying, we have a scientific approach to design. Since every system and every process needs a different conveying system, the densconveyor becomes an indispensable part of the conveying system.

High pressure air is supplied to the container filled with the product to be transferred and then the high pressure air mixture is transferred to the cyclone, silo or target mixer by opening the valve. This method can be used especially if there is material in the process that will fibre during transfer or damage its characteristics due to friction. Dense phase transfer works with different instruments than sparse phase due to its structure. Transport equipment has more strength than sparse phase. In this transfer with high pressure air, thick-walled pipes, special basalt elbows are used. In addition, different technologies have been developed as elbows that prevent material abrasion.

Centrifugal or Roots type blowers, which are used as air generators in sparse phase pneumatic transfer, create a thrust pressure by drawing the ambient air with vacuum and compressing the air. Due to the relative humidity of the air in the atmospheric environment, water particles work as a good conductor during the formation of pressure, thus causing the transfer air to heat up. Depending on the working pressure of the process and the drag velocity of the transfer, this temperature can be as high as 80 °C from time to time.

If the target transport material is in a structure to be affected by these temperatures, pre-cooling in the process, final cooling processes may be required before introducing the compressed air into the process. Instead of the temperature and speed of the air and the complex structure of the sparse phase used to reach the desired capacities, Densifier, Transporter, Dense phase carrier may be the most suitable solution.


The transport or dosing of granular materials with the help of compressed air or different propellants is called pneumatic transport or pneumatic transport. The working principle of the pneumatic conveying system is based on the logic of transferring the kinetic energy of the pressurised air flow to the granular product to be transferred.