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Silo filters keep the ambient air clean by preventing the spread of dust from the silos filled with cement, ash, stone dust and various chemical materials.

When raw material is filled into the open silos with silobas, the silobas air also brings out the raw material dust while leaving the silo. Dust is spread to the working environment and environmental pollution occurs. Silo filters hold this dust and prevent raw material loss by keeping the material in the silo.

During filling and at normal times, the direct release of the dust in the silo to the nature is harmful and prohibited in terms of environmental safety and health.

Ready-mixed concrete plants are obliged to provide emission monitoring within the scope of the regulation on the protection of air quality and to obtain permission in this context. The cement silo filter prevents dust from the silo and ensures that the required emission values are obtained.

 Silo Top Filter Areas of Use

– Cement Silos

– Calcite Silos

– PVC Silos

– Plaster Silos

– Flour Silos

– Powder Storage Silos

– All Powder Producing Silos

– Raw material filling systems

– Dosing applications