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EGEAY Machinery manufactures flap valves, pipe valves, sliding valves and trouser valves? According to the needs of the plant and customer oriented. Again, according to the need, multiple outlets, diversion valve is available in the product range as pneumatically controlled or manually controlled.

How to use Valve-Air Lock

The airlock has different types of use. Airlocks are devices used firstly to reduce the material to be transferred in pneumatic transfer to the line and secondly to separate the granule-powder material from the air when used under filters and cyclones. In addition, the airlock can also be used as an air lock, dosing unit, and proportional discharger under silos.

Airlock is an important component of pneumatic transmission systems. It is also called star feeder, cell wheel, rotary wheel transmitter, rotary valve, rotary valve or eclux according to its types and application areas. It controls the flow of various granular, grain or powdered materials from places such as silos, hoppers, cyclones, mixers. It prevents air flow between the areas where the material under the influence of pressure, vacuum or gravity is taken and discharged.

Materials transported by airlock

All kinds of industrial powders, powder applications and granules, Food, Chemical, Wheat, flour, barley, oats, rye, bran, grain feed, seeds, corn, chickpea, bean, red lentil, green lentil, broad bean, pea, cowpea, soya, sesame, rice, paddy, rice flour, nuts, hazelnut, pistachio, kernel, almond, chickpea, sunflower seed, Materials such as pistachios, pumpkin seeds, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, grains, seeds of cereals, chestnuts, coffee, sugar, spices, millet, salt, soda, cement, calcite, coal, coal dust, ash, glass dust, marble dust, plastic, polyethylene, granules, wood shavings can be transported with air lock (rotary valve).