Our Products

EGEAY Machinery with its vast experience and knowledge in results of long years of having served in the machinery and mining machinery sector, establishes facilities with the latest technology systems by creating a system according to appropriate working conditions. Our company according to customer demands, desired process and given capacity makes turnkey plant installations by designing the plant. It establishes "Natural Calcite" and "Coated Calcite" plants according to the needs of the sector. Most important features in our facilities that we manufacture are low cost of operation and their longevity. . EGEAY Machinery, provides a satisfactory customer service with fast and short time solutions without discriminating between domestic and international customers. By choosing us again and again our customers is the sole proof of our service. Call us, and let us make the best machines for your needs and capacity with our vast experience.


The material fed from raw material bunker is transferred with belt conveyors to the crushers; the materials exiting from crushers are transferred with spirals and elevators and are stocked to stocking silos.

Product taken from stocking silos are crushed by ball bearing mills and produced into desired microns, the product exiting ball bearing mill is separated by separators, the desired products go to the packaging and big bag filling machines under the filter and the final products packaging processes are carried out.


 As EGEAY Machinery the calcite powder produced in the facilities we established are used in many industrial sectors.

Some of them are;

  1. Paint industry
  2. Plastic industry
  3. Construction chemicals industry
  4. Food industry

Calcite Micronizing Plant Flow Diagram