Our Products

EGEAY Machinery raw material storage silos can be used in various ways. The lower conical base angle of the silos is produced according to the flow characteristics of the product between 45-65 degrees according to the product to be stored in it. Filling the silos, storing the product inside and removing the product from the silo is very easy and convenient. The conical base is very durable with its suitable design. EGEAY Machinery offers silo options in different diameters and tonnages.

Silo discharger is manufactured from vibration resistant black sheet. The interior is painted with epoxy paint that facilitates product flow. Product flow is kept under control by connecting tube screw augers at the outlet of the silo discharger. At the filter outlets, it prevents jamming in the flow of dusty materials. It can be easily installed in reinforced concrete and steel silos. Does not cause noise pollution. Even when the silo is full, mechanical parts can be accessed from outside and maintenance is possible.

Rotoflow is installed under silos containing materials such as bran, cement, calcite, concrete, steel, plastic, etc., which cannot be provided free flow, for easy discharge. Thanks to this function, this machine, also called Vibro Silo Discharger, is successfully used in flour and semolina factories, silo and storage facilities. The upper part of the machine is connected to the silo, while the lower part, which is in the form of a funnel, provides a smooth and continuous flow of the dusty materials inside while shaking with the vibration provided by the vibration motor. Both parts of the Silo Discharger are connected to each other with vibration resistant arms and flexible rubber diaphragm.